Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge COVID – 19 Safety Plan

The team at Keefer Lake Lodge, including onsite staff and management team have evaluated all areas of the workplace to identify the risks associated with the transmission of COVID – 19.

All Guests are required to be fully vaccinated. More information here.

It is recognized that transmission of the virus can be spread through various means including the droplets of an infected person who coughs or sneezes or by touching a surface that is contaminated and then touching your face.

In relation to the Work Safe BC COVID – 19 Safety Plan outline, these are the areas that we have identified as places where people gather around the Keefer Lake Lodge property:

  • The main maintenance/cat shop
  • The mechanical room in the maintenance/cat shop
  • The lounge in the maintenance/ cat shop second level living area
  • The generator shed
  • The Hoth House common areas – lounge/dining room/kitchen
  • The Mulisha cabin common area
  • The ski tech/guides meeting cabin
  • Pinnacles Lodge – locker rooms/lounges/laundry rooms
  • Black Bear Lodge – kitchen/dining room/lounge/foyer/elevator/games room/locker room/sauna/hot tub/hot tub mech room/laundry room/mech room/staff entrance foyer

These are the job tasks and processes that we have identified where workers are close to one another or the public while working at Keefer Lake Lodge:

  • Staff driving/riding in the transport cats
  • Staff working in the kitchen
  • Staff working in housekeeping
  • Staff working in the maintenance shop
  • Staff working guest service in the lodge (including valet service at the front entrance)

These are the machinery, equipment and tools that we have identified that are shared between staff while working:

  • Housekeeping equipment including laundry machines, cleaning carts, cleaning chemicals, brooms, mops and dusters
  • All tools in the maintenance/cat shop
  • All tools in various mechanical areas around the property
  • All food and beverage service tools including utensils, water service jugs, beer taps, point of sale terminal, trays
  • The reception desk computer, keyboard, mouse and printer
  • All kitchen equipment including appliances, utensils, garbage’s/recycling bins and mop
  • All tools in the ski tech/guides meeting cabin including tech equipment and the computer keyboard and mouse
  • All vehicles and machines including snowcats, bobcat skid steer, road grader, excavator tractor, backhoe/loader tractor, emergency transport vehicle, quad ATVs, snow sleds, side by side ATV

We have identified surfaces that people touch often as:

  • The mechanical/cat shop main floor – entrance/exit door handles at front and side of building, light switches, bathroom door handle and light switch, mech room door handle, sink faucet and taps, toolbox, dispatch desk keyboard & mouse, daily logbook & pens
  • The mechanical/cat shop second floor – stair railing & light switch, bathroom door handles & light switch, sink faucet & taps, fridge handles & door, lounge area couch, lounge light switch
  • The generator shed – both generator doors, oil dip sticks, log clipboard & pen, tidy tank fuel pump
  • The burner shed – light switch, burner doors
  • Fuel (gas & diesel) tank area – all pump handles, locking fuel on/off switch
  • Mulisha cabin – entrance/exit door handles, light switches
  • Hoth House – entrance/exit door handles, bathroom door handles, light switches in foyer/hallway/dining room, kitchen sink faucet & taps, kitchen cupboard handles, fridge handles & doors, dining room table & chairs, lounge seating, wood stove handle & fire poker
  • Ski tech/guides meeting cabin – entrance/exit door handles, work bench, meeting table & chairs, keyboard & mouse
  • Pinnacles lodge – entrance /exit door handles, locker room door handles, common bathroom door handles/sink faucet/taps/toilets & showers, stair railings, laundry room & linen closet door handles, communication radios
  • Black bear lodge – all entrance/exit door handles, all light switches, elevator door handles & buttons, all stair railings, coffee counter sink faucet & taps, coffee station dishware, all dining room & lounge tables & chairs, bar fidges handles, bar sink taps, bar counter top, kitchen swing doors, coffee station items (sugar, coffee pots, cream), garbage bin, common bathrooms on 1st & 2nd floors, door from games room to stairwell, lamps, all seating in games room, pool cues and accessories, darts and accessories, boot dryer in locker room, communication radios, door between games room and staff area, massage room door handles, laundry room door handles, laundry machines, laundry sink taps & faucet, liquor storage room door handle, mech room door handle, sauna door handles, hot tub grab rail, hot tub jet dial, hot tub mech room door handle, hot tub log book and chemicals test kit

We have reviewed the industry-specific protocols for minimizing risk of transmission and some of the controls implemented as a result are as follows:

  • Elimination protocols:
    • creating work cohorts to maintain consistency of staff working together and to limit the number of people in the workplace at one time
    • restricting extra people on property or in certain areas when not working
    • restricting visitors to the property who are not guests or working staff
    • establishing occupancy limits in all areas around property
    • rescheduling work tasks to minimize the amount of staff needed on property or in an area at one time
    • eliminating guest room stayover cleaning to minimize contact between staff and guests and their belongings
    • wherever possible we have re-arranged the workspaces and living environments to ensure people can maintain at least a 2m (6ft) distance from co-workers and guests
    • eliminated extracurricular staff and guest socialization on property
    • The number of guests that will be allowed on property has been reduced


  • Engineering controls:
    • when appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained, barriers have been installed with the use of plexiglass and plastic sheeting to keep people separate such as at the reception desk, the kitchen pass-through window and in the passenger cats and proper protocols for cleaning has been implemented
  • Administrative controls:
    • rules and guidelines that have been established pertaining to physical distancing are creating occupancy limits in some areas around the property and in the passenger cats, signage posted to encourage people to stay 2m apart, marking some doorways as specific entrance or exit only and re-organizing the flow of person traffic in some areas so people can maintain distance
    • cleaning practices in all areas have been reviewed with the frequency of cleaning increased and staff members trained on proper procedures
    • rules pertaining to disinfecting equipment after each use and the utilization of single-use disposable gloves when cleaning or handling guest items have been implemented
    • procedural protocols such as guest food & beverage service alterations and creating specific scheduling of guests in the hot tub have been implemented
  • PPE
    • masks and gloves are available in all areas around property for staff and guests to use with the appropriate accompanying information on proper use and care of the implements
    • Any staff member who is interacting one-on-one with guests or any outside persons will be required to wear a mask, and this could include persons from any department including the guiding team, food & beverage service, housekeeping, spa, yard and maintenance
    • All housekeepers who are cleaning guest rooms after their stay should wear a mask to avoid breathing in potentially contaminated particulate matter


Cleaning protocols

The cleaning plan for the entire resort property will involve many areas and a multitude of staff depending on the area and the use. Cleaners and disinfectants used will be selected based on compliance with Health Canadas list of approved hard-surface disinfectants for use against COVID 19. The cleaning program will be implemented as follows:

Cleaning schedule:

  • Housekeeping will be responsible for the daily cleaning of the Black Bear lodge, the Pinnacles lodge and the staff accommodation buildings (Hoth House, Mulisha cabin & Maintenace/cat shop) and this will include cleaning and disinfecting of all common spaces including lounges, bathrooms and high-touch surfaces
  • in guest areas, the common spaces will be disinfected at least twice daily as these are high traffic areas and special attention will be paid to such high-touch surfaces as stair railings, door handles, light switches, chairs and tables
  • lodge service staff will be responsible for the intermittent disinfecting of high-touch surface areas in the guest areas during the times when guests are at the lodge
  • kitchen staff will responsible for daily disinfection of the equipment and surfaces within the kitchen which will happen between shifts and at the end of each meal period
  • Guiding staff will be responsible for daily the cleaning and disinfecting of the snow cat interiors including seating and the installed guest partitions, the guest radios and the tools and equipment in the ski tech shop
  • Maintenance/yard staff will be responsible for disinfecting tools and equipment in the shop and around the property after each use
  • Massage therapists will be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their treatment rooms after each guest session

Workplace Policies

Various policies have been developed for the workplace in response to COVID – 19 and are as follows:

Staff and guests are prohibited from the workplace for any of the following conditions:

  • Anyone who has had symptoms of COVID – 19 in the last 10 days including fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and new muscle aches or headache while be prohibited from coming to the workplace
  • Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate


If a staff member or guest becomes ill, our policy is as follows:

  • All illnesses (even mild symptoms) should be reported immediately to the first aid attendant on duty so they can asses and document their symptoms
  • Any sick persons will be asked to wash and sanitize hands, wear a mask and isolate themselves immediately
  • sick staff members will be asked to go home immediately or if they are unable to transport themselves, self isolate in their room until safe transportation can be arranged by the management staff
  • All surfaces that the sick person may have come in contact with will be cleaned and disinfected immediately

OFAA Protocols

  • All OFAA trained staff have been provided with the appropriate protocols to be used during the COVID – 19 pandemic

Violence prevention program

  • There are policies in place to address the potential risk of violence that may arise from guests and visitors due to the restrictions and modifications that have been implemented for COVID – 19 and appropriate training and strategies for staff have been provided