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Time spent getting a massage is time well spent.

We encourage guests to take advantage of the massage treatments.

Tired muscles and sore joints are one of the rewards of long days riding in deep powder. To ensure that you get the most out of your Catskiing, recover faster, enhance your performance and feel amazing – please book your massage now. Our professional massage therapists can help you target specific aches and pains or old injuries.

Massage Therapy Sessions

As the saying goes – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Besides specific stretches, massage therapy tops your health off with a restorative time well spent. Include the healing hands of our professional massage therapist to increase muscle recovery through natural holistic methods.

  • Receive treatment for relief and/or reduction of stress, joint stiffness or muscle pain.
  • Aid in relaxation and/or improvement of sleep .
  • Relief from acute, sub-acute and chronic lower back pain.

Choose an Option:

  • Lower Back and Shoulders - Concentration of relieving muscle tension & back stiffness from the shoulders to lower back.
  • Tune up with Happy Feet post event lactic acid flush, feet, quads/hamstrings. Ideal for at the beginning of your stay after your first day in the mountains. Great for those who are using new boots.
  • After dinner, skip dessert ….Keep it for your lunch instead … Almost ready for sleep? Relax after your day with a general flush and wake up refreshed & focused.
  • Weekend Warrior package. General body care, great for specific regional tightness. Time well spent to end a day of catskiing. Wake up recharged and refreshed for another epic ski day.


In an effort to maximize the opportunities for massage, we create our calendar in 30 minute sessions. If you would like to book a 60 minute, please just select two of these, back to back.

Half Hour Sessions - $65.00
Hour Sessions - $120

relax and re-energize at the same time.

Massage sessions tend to fill up quickly so we encourage booking in advance.

Enjoy our Scandinavian Inspired Sauna

Relax your muscles and sweat out the toxins in our naturally woodfired mountain sauna. We preheat this sauna daily for your enjoyment. There is nothing like a good sweat to prep those muscles for the pow day ahead!

Share stories from the day while you soak in the hot tub

Relax and visit with fellow guests in our large outdoor hot tub. Enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine with our bar service and retell the stories of powder glory from the day!

Play hard, recover fast!