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  • All guests have a radio with them at all times out in the field to communicate with the guides, other guests, or the lodge.
  • All guests are supplied with Avalanche transceivers and given basic training.
  • All guests are supplied with ABS airbag backpack. Each backpack has a collapsible shovel, an avalanche probe.
  • Your personal equipment is your safety gear too – keep it maintained and in excellent condition. All equipment brought by guests must be reliable and able to operate safely in extreme conditions.
  • You may have “really fat skis” that are still not fat enough to safely ski the deep snow in the Monashees. If your skis or snowboard are not suitable for conditions, equipment is available onsite.

Powder Skis

Custom Skevik Skis

We have a selection of Skevik skis, as well as Salomon, DPS, Atomic, Armada, Volkl for you to use at no charge. Skevik skis are made in Vernon B.C. Our fleet includes the Anton, Oda, and Loken. They are made for deep powder snow; you may just want to take a pair home. Please note that you are responsible for any loss, damage, or breakage of demo/rental equipment.  In the event of loss or damage you will be responsible for repair or replacement charges. BRING YOUR OWN BOOTS.

Powder Snowboards

Shred on one of our Captia Boards

You may already have a board but it might not be built for riding powder. We have a selection of snowboards from Capita, CapraSpring Break, Lib Tech, Burton They are purpose built powder boards that you will be sure to love. (WE DON’T RESERVE EQUIPMENT IN ADVANCE)...and please remember to bring your BOOTS!

Avalanche AirBag

BCA Float Bags

All guests at Keefer Lake Lodge are given a BCA Float pack avalanche airbag to use during their trip. These packs are mandatory and come complete with shovel, probe and water bottle. You will have enough room to store extra layers as well. You will be shown how to fit and deploy the pack by one of our guides. 

Guests can not bring their own packs.

Avalanche Transceiver

BCA Tracker 2 - Easy to use!

Each guest is given a BCA Tracker 2 avalanche transceiver. At the beginning of each tour all guests go through training that show you how to use the device, get familiar with it and how to wear it. Each night after skiing our guide team checks each beacon and makes sure it is functioning properly and has fresh batteries.

No need to bring your own transceiver, it is mandatory that you use the ones provided by Keefer Lake Lodge Catskiing.

Safety Radio


Stay in touch, stay safe. All guests have a radio with them at all times out in the field to communicate with the guides, other guests, or the lodge. These radios are pre-programmed and easy to use. We will show you how to properly use them during your guide briefing.