Anna Matikainen - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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Anna Matikainen


Anna is here at Keefer for her first season.  You’ll find her slaying behind the bar.  She’s sweet but makes a mean cocktail.  Currently she lives in Kelowna but has lived all across Canada, from Halifax to BC.
Anna traveled to 18 countries in the last 14 months before coming to Keefer.  If you want to hear about her adventures, she’s keen to share- food and climbing were her highlights.  If you’re ever in Finland you must try Korvapuusti- think cinnamon bun but better.
In her free time Anna is usually sipping coffee, climbing, or reading.  She loves fermentation and enjoys playing around baking sourdough bread. Anna is very close to her older brother and recently became an Aunt.  One thing she loves about Keefer is the lodge dogs, she misses her dog so much when she’s here but at least there’s Loki and Athena to cuddle.