Taylor Wynia - Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge
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Taylor Wynia

Lodge Hand

Taylor, Tay, Mr. Worldwide- really anything but Tay Tay, is joining the team for his first season at Keefer.  Originally from Claresholm Alberta, he is now living in Kelowna.  Taylor is well traveled and will be putting his worldwide dining knowledge to work as one of our servers. 
A big adventurer and an even bigger eater, Taylor shared some of his travel highlights.  Driving a van in England, living on a farm in Finland, eating his way through Greece, drinking wine in France, slurping ramen in Japan and driving mopeds in Laos.  Lucky guy!
Taylor will be working on his birthday this year and has requested extra saucy ribs, a yearly tradition for him.  When he’s not working or traveling the world, Taylor is climbing his way to Bouldering pro status.  Currently about halfway there!  If he could be anywhere, it would be somewhere 15 degrees with vertical rocks.  If you ever hear “siiiiiiiiiick” don’t be alarmed, it’s just an excited Taylor.